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I am investigating stories from phantoms of past decades in China, to recent moments.

The given name for the book hints to historical event in China 1958-Great Leap Forward During the Great Sparrow Campaign, as much the the recent struggle with heavily polluted air.  This all is not mentioned on the book but now just backside information)


In my work I use decisively element of hybridity that circulates in the thin layers of tones of grey, expressing structures of uncertainty andconstantly recycled change. I overlap and create different levels of realities, I draw from collective imagination, anticipations, and memories.

YEAR 1958

Great Leap Forward During the Great Sparrow Campaign, as it has been called, hundreds of millions of sparrows were killed, mostly because people chased them until the birds were so tired that they fell out of the sky.The problem with the Great Sparrow Campaign became evident in 1960. With no birds to control insects swarmed over the country, eating everything they could find, millions starved. Numbers vary, the official number from the Chinese government placed at 15 million. Some scholars, however, estimate that the fatalities were as high as 45 or even 78 million.


YEAR 2013 on-

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017- There has been dozens of occasions , days where unbearable conditions of heavily toxic air, as pollution levels were rising above hazardous limits in mainland China. There were sky filled with mass of chemicals, left no space for breathable air. With my work I continue drawing from works on different levels of realities and times, collective imagination, fantasies, anticipations, dreams, and memories where I depict emotions and moods that are recognizable, yet not precisely defined.




Red pigment on photographs is playing role, metaphors to social commentary, emotion and political.

Birds are far off, People too are few is a photobook consisting on two bodies of work: series of Hujialou   and images from Night cities  + archival images. All photographs were photographed in China between 2007-2014 (2017)

A technical sheet for the project

offset printing process
Half-cloth hardcover with image
classical binding
Four-color process
88 pages

photo paper
text paper