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16:30 min, 2017, HD video with sound

Film by Saana Wang   Text by Harri Laakso

Music Nymphéa Reflection Kaija Saariaho, 2156 Jennah Vain

Filmed in China, USA, France, Finland

2156 is Addressing climate change, human activities on earth.  It is an experiment of filmic reality as a gaze into nothingness, which conceals its origins of time and place with constantly alternating materialities and narratives. In 2156 Multilayered moments move on the film expressing structures of uncertainty and constantly recycled change.  Through the concept of nothingness it speaks on behalf of silence. Repetition, flux and chance encounters tie together elements that originate across time and place, and give them unforeseen significance through the mystery of belonging together. What could possibly connect unknown Chinese coal miner from today with a nearly century old torpedo boat shipwreck on the Gulf of Finland?


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