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Film 2156 explores narrative boundaries and moves in the borderland of image. It is where hybrid cinema embodies cultural experience, memory, illusion of image, collective imagination, different levels of realities, and anticipations.  Silence and its presence has its own voice as much asempty white frames.

All the determinants of time and place have become contracted. The multilayered moments moves on the surface of the screen, without puncturing or following any kind of law. 2156 discusses, among others, Laura U. Marks’s theory of “haptic visuality”—a visuality that functions like the sense of touch by triggering physical memories. 2156 time and space attributes are lost. Narrations and events emerge, diverge and overlap, as multi-toned thin layered curtain.





15:00 min.

 Film by Saana Wang  I  Text by Harri Laakso  I  Music by Jennah Vain   I


  Still image from film 2156

Still image from film 2156